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Social Media builds brand loyalty

Word-of-mouth has always been the most effective way to grow a business. However, it’s no longer purely about conversation in local settings; these days, those friend-to-friend recommendations are taking place online. More and more, they’re happening on social media websites and platforms.

Social media isn’t just for the teenage population. In fact, of all adults own a Facebook account, and 79% of Facebook users log in to their account at least once a day. Twitter is now one of the Top 10 most visited sites, with 67% of users saying they’re more like to buy from brands that they follow on that particular platform.

With all of that in mind, it’s no coincidence that businesses that engage with their customers through social media are growing faster than businesses that don’t. Currently, 90% of the businesses on the Inc 100 List use at least one social media platform.

What exactly can social media do for your business? For one, social media allows you to maintain a presence where your customers spend their time, develop and strengthen brand loyalty, and effectively promote your business. In fact, those are just some of the benefits that you can realize with social media — an improved social media presence can have a huge positive impact on the way that your business operates.

Our social media packages include:

  • Access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • Consistent branding across all networks
  • An online dashboard to create and schedule posts
  • Custom solutions for your business needs
  • A “Do-It-Yourself” plan
  • Multiple “We Do It For You” plans
  • A comprehensive library of shareable content
  • Analytics and reporting

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