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Search Engine Optimization for your business!

More people now use online search engines to find local businesses than print directories. Google, the world’s largest search engine, reported processing almost 6 billion searches per month in 2013.

Here’s the important information about search engine results you need to know as a local business owner:

  • 33% of all searches have local intent; that number is even higher for searches conducted on mobile phones.
  • 75% of online searchers never scroll to the second page of results, meaning if your business isn’t on the 1st page, it may never get seen.
  • 61% of clicks go to the top 3 results on page 1. Where does your business appear in searches?

There are 3 main strategies to improve your positioning on search engine pages: pin, pay, and earn.


Search engines place an emphasis on businesses with robust local profiles, reserving a prominent space within the organic search results on the 1st page for business listings. In additional to using a carousel at the top of the page, Google will also “pin” the location of search results on a map in the top right corner. The more robust your online business profile, the greater chance of it appearing on the front page of during search results.

We can help you:

  • Claim your Google+/Yahoo Local pages
  • Create a detailed business profile
  • Include a list of services, photos, videos, and links 


Each search engine page reserves prominent space for Search Engine Marketing ads (or Pay-Per-Click advertising).  These type of ads are tied to specific keywords, and are displayed only when those keywords are searched, allowing advertisers to target a specific audience.

As the name indicates, advertisers pay only when an ad is clicked. The cost of the ads is largely determined through an online auction that takes place every time someone conducts a search.  The more an advertiser is willing to pay, the greater likelihood the ad will appear in a good position on the 1st page.

Your SEM campaign includes:

  • A quick set-up process
  • Ads based on a custom keyword and geo-targeting strategy
  • Flexible budget
  • Increased exposure and traceable traffic to your website


Each search engine site uses a complex algorithm that determines what results come up during each search. 

Our team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts understands the factors that go into these algorithms, and what steps local businesses need to take to earn better rankings.

Our SEO specialists will:

  • Audit your website
  • Identify problems or areas of need
  • Recommend keyword strategies to ensure you get found for the products and services you want to be found for